16th Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 22, 2018

From the Pastor . . .

 My Sisters and Brothers:

            I believe the message of today’s Gospel for us is that we are each called in our own way to do the best we can to bring the Good News of healing and salvation to others–especially to those around us who might be confused or lost, but who at the same time hunger and thirst for purpose and direction in their lives.  These are the kind of people to whom Jesus refers in today’s Gospel, those who are “like sheep without a shepherd” (see Mark 6:34).

            As authentic followers of Jesus, we are each called to reach out generously to a needy world, and to those among us who want peace, health, forgiveness, sustenance, strength, acceptance, and a sense of God’s love in their lives.  In truth, isn’t this a great part of what it actually means “to evangelize” or “to preach the Gospel?”  Isn’t it as simple as that?  I believe if we do this with great enthusiasm, then the message of our faith will be very attractive to others in the world, and they will want to flock to our churches and to be part of our faith communities.

            This is exactly what Jesus and his disciples did so well, and that we find so poignantly illustrated in today’s Gospel story.  Those holy men had been such effective ministers that they had become nearly overwhelmed by the frenzied crowd of people who had come to the small seaside fishing village of Capernaum to see them, so much so that the men “had no opportunity even to eat” (see Mark 6:31b).

            In response to this predicament, Jesus said to them:  “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while” (see Mark 6:31a).  It’s believed that they then set out by boat and sailed approximately two miles southwest along the shores of the Sea of Galilee to an area now known as Tabgha.  In a place there very close to the seashore, could be found a garden with abundant and fresh springs of pure and clear water, palm trees and flowers, and soft grassy fields (this sounds like a nice place to visit, right?).  It was the perfect place to go for rest, relaxation, peace and prayer, and probably Jesus and the disciples often went to Tabgha for that purpose.  Today, visitors to the Mount of the Beatitudes, which is located on a tranquil hillside just outside of Capernaum, can gaze over the magnificent Sea of Galilee and its glistening blue waters, and from there they can see many miles of the sea’s rugged shoreline; from that place on the hillside, it’s also possible to see both Capernaum and Tabgha and to realize just how close they are to one another.

            With this in mind, and as we read today’s Gospel story, it’s not difficult to imagine how the people who were scrambling to see Jesus and his disciples could have chased them on foot from the one place to the other; they could see where they were going, and it was easy to follow them.  The fact that Jesus and the disciples wanted to rest and to “get away from it all,” was not important to that frenzied crowd of people who were demanding their complete attention!  I think this story dramatically illustrates how much of a thirst and a hunger the people of that time and place had for the Good News Jesus was offering to them.  Jesus recognized this, and so the Gospel tells us that “when he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them” (see Mark 6:34).

            Isn’t it true that our world today is full of similar people who thirst and hunger for the same Good News (even though they may not yet fully realize what they desire)?  Jesus and the disciples enthusiastically and always did the work of the Father, and they were able to bring healing, meaning and purpose to the lives of others whom they had evangelized.  May we compassionately do the same for those around us today, especially by the way in which we invite them to our feast, and by the manner in which we serve them in their needs (and may we get a little rest when necessary too)!

Praise God!  Friar Timothy



Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Ann and welcome a special member of our family Fr. Donald Sterling. We gather in gratitude and joy for the overflowing graces and blessings that have come to us from our generous God through the years.

We especially remember our ancestors in faith who have gone before us. And we pray that our God may continue to walk with us keeping us always faithful and anchored in the Lord!

We will continue our feast day celebration with a light meal at Mother Seton Academy immediately following Mass.


Our thanks to all who participated in our St. Ann Novena this past week, and to those who hosted one of the days of prayer, prepared food and donated to the Feast Day Luncheon. It was a week of many graces and insights for our church family as we reflected and prayed together how “We Can Do All Things Through Christ”! May the Lord continue to guide our mission here at St. Ann’s!


The Edmonds family would like to thank their St. Ann's family for all the cards, prayers and love extended during the illness and passing of Roland Edmonds. St Ann's we are still full of faith and blessed by grace. Thanks for all you do.

-Elaine and the Edmonds family.


Members of our Outreach Committee will conduct our monthly Food Pantry this Tuesday, July 24 to help assist those in the neighborhood who are in most need.

Members of St. Ann’s Outreach Committee conduct our Food Pantry on the fourth Tuesday of every month.


“Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman of God.” Saturday, September 15, 2018 9: am – 3:00pm; Waldorf, MD. Tickets are $50 and include Breakfast, Catered Hot Lunch T-Shirt and Bus Transportation. Buses leave from St. Ann’s Church. For information and details see Eloise Jackson.


Just a reminder, if you signed up for the Sight and Sound bus trip to see ‘Jesus’ on November 28th your nonrefundable deposit of $30 and 1st scheduled payment of $20 is due now. You may give your payment to Cynthia Johnson, Marlene Howard, and Mary Middleton or turn it into the church office. Flyers with details are located in back of church.


Please continue to pray for all of our sick and homebound, especially Florence Barber, Dorothy Horton-Brown, James Butts, Augustine Christian, Danny Dallas, Elaine Edmonds, Gregory Epps, John Frederick, Pat Haley, Rita Hardy, Odessa Johnson, Tom Lutz, Penny Palmer,  Bernadette Wallace, Nelson Outlaw, and Rita Watkins, and ask that God grant them strength, comfort and healing.

JULY 2018           


Sun., July 22        St. Ann’ Feast Day

                             Celebration and Reception

                             11 am Fr. Donald Sterling

                             Hosted by Pastoral Council

 Tues., July 24      Monthly Food Pantry - Anchorage 10 am – 12 pm

 Thurs., July 26    The Feast of St. Ann

                             Evening Mass (confession  before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm

Sun., July 29       17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 11 AM Mass

 Thurs., Aug.2      Evening Mass (confession  before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm

Sun., Aug.5         18th Sunday in Ordinary Time  11 AM Mass

 Thurs., Aug.7      Evening Mass (confession before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm


1st Reading                                        2 Kings 4:42-44             

2nd Reading                                       Ephesians 4:1-6

Gospel                                                      John 6:1-15

Saint Anns