18th Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 5, 2018

Friar Timothy’s Reflection . . .


My Sisters and Brothers:


            Beginning today, and for next two Sundays, we will hear nearly all of the “Bread of Life Discourse” as recorded and found only in the Gospel of St. John (see chapter 6:22-59).

            As we contemplate the message contained in today’s passage, we might simply ask ourselves: “At the present time, and in this life, what are those things that matter to us the most as we attempt to remain faithful to Jesus?”  I believe we can ask this question in light of how we relate to others, the desires and needs we have as we live today, and as we contemplate our hope for the fullness of grace, and for eternal life.

            In last week’s Gospel, we heard the story of the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes.  We saw that Jesus had performed a very “temporal” miracle in order to satisfy the hunger of a crowd of people for whom he had so much compassion (i.e., he had pitied them, and then he satisfied their need to eat at that moment).  Those very same people are featured once more in today’s Gospel; it seems they continued to follow him, and were captivated by him, because they wanted even more “temporal” satisfaction.  Because they did not yet understand the heavenly and eternal purpose of Jesus’ mission, and they likely hoped Jesus would become a type of earthly king, Jesus needed to instruct them about the imperishable nature of his mission and purpose.

            In the teaching contained in today’s Gospel, the people were challenged to understand a greater reality; they were taught about what really mattered for those who understood the meaning of life from an eternal perspective.  Jesus said to them: “You are looking for me not because you saw signs but because you ate the loaves and were filled . . . do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life . . . I am the bread of life and whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst” (see John 6:24-35).

            We cannot interpret this teaching aside from our understanding of who and what Jesus is for us as we come together to celebrate the Eucharist.  For us, Jesus himself is the “bread from heaven given for us to eat” (cf.,  John 6:51), and in the sharing of this heavenly food, we are given a glimpse into heaven, and are allowed an understanding of those things that really matter the most–in both the present and in the next life.

            Jesus fed the multitudes with the loaves and the fishes in order to satisfy their temporal needs, and he calls us to do the same in the way that we reach out and serve the less fortunate, but there is something much greater that we must never forget: Jesus himself is the Bread of Life, and he gives himself to us completely and eternally!  He does this so that we might be nourished today, and so that we might also experience the fullness of life and live forever!

            May the faith we have, how we live it in this life, and the manner in which we associate and place ourselves in service to others, be like the imperishable, eternal and sanctifying Eucharist we receive and share–may these things matter to us the most, and may they foreshadow that future glory of ours where Jesus already reigns forever!  Today, let us confidently hope for the fullness of grace, for the promise of life eternal, and for that day when all will be satisfied and no one will ever hunger or thirst again!

Praise God!  Friar Timothy


Our neighbors next door, Operation Pulse, will join communities around the nation in hosting a National Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 in the 500 block of E. 22nd Street from 5 pm – 8 pm. There will be food, games, prizes, music, giveaways, community resources and much more! All are invited to attend this fun-filled evening. Operation Pulse has also asked that if anyone wish to volunteer to help out during the event to contact 410-889-4496.


“Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman of God.” Saturday, September 15, 2018 9: am – 3:00pm; Waldorf, MD. Tickets are $50 and include Breakfast, Catered Hot Lunch T-Shirt and Bus Transportation. Buses leave from St. Ann’s Church. For information and details see Eloise Jackson.


Just a reminder, if you signed up for the Sight and Sound bus trip to see ‘Jesus’ on November 28th your nonrefundable deposit of $30 and 3rd scheduled payment of $20 is due on August 19. You may give your payment to Cynthia Johnson, Marlene Howard, and Mary Middleton or turn it into the church office. Flyers with details are located in back of church.


Beginning this fall we begin start a new season in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, a process of instruction and formation for those from age 12 and above who were:

  • Never baptized
  • Baptized in a different Christian church
  • Baptized Catholic but not raised in the church
  • Once active in the church but have become inactive.

The process begins with an inquiry stage where we meet those who have interest and help them chart a course to where the Lord may be leading. Take this time to reach out to family members and friends who may benefit from this experience. For more information contact the parish office (410-235-8169) so that we can get you in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable catechists.


Plans are underway for a Back to School Night at St. Ann’s on Saturday, August 25th. Members of our parish are gathering items to be placed in back packs to be distributed. You may bring your donated school supplies and place them in the back of the church or drop them off at the rectory. If you are interested in volunteering to help out for this event please contact the church office (410-235-8169). 



St. Michael the Archangel

10 Willow Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland  21206



Please also continue to pray for all of our sick and homebound, especially Florence Barber, Dorothy Horton-Brown, James Butts, Augustine Christian, Danny Dallas, Elaine Edmonds, Gregory Epps, John Frederick, Pat Haley, Rita Hardy, Odessa Johnson, Tom Lutz, Penny Palmer,  Mary Joe Robinson, Bernadette Wallace, Nelson Outlaw, and Rita Watkins, and ask that God grant them strength, comfort and healing.


AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2018         

 Sun., Aug.5       18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                           11 AM Mass

 Tues., Aug.7       National Night Out Against

                            Crime, In front of the Anchorage 5 pm – 8pm

 Thurs., Aug.9     Evening Mass (confession before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm


Sun., Aug.12      19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                            11 AM Mass

 Wed., Aug.15    Feast of the Assumption of the  Blessed Virgin Mary


Thurs., Aug.16  Evening Mass (confession before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm

 Sun., Aug.19      20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                            11 AM Mass

 Thurs., Aug.23  Evening Mass (confession before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm

Sat., Aug.25       Back To School Night Anchorage, 6:00 pm


Sun., Aug.26      21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

                            11 AM Mass

 Thurs., Aug.30  Evening Mass (confession before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm


Sun., Sept.2        22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

                            11 AM Mass

 Mon., Sept.3       LABOR DAY

 Tues., Sept.4       Pastoral Council Meeting

                             6:30 pm, Anchorage

 Thurs., Sept.6    Evening Mass (confession  before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm



1st Reading                                          1 Kings 19:4-8             

2nd Reading                                       Ephesians 4:30-5:2              

Gospel                                                    John 6:41-51

Saint Anns