The Epiphany of the Lord - January 6, 2019



The Epiphany of the Lord


On entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother.  They prostrated themselves and did him homage.  Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.   Matthew 2:11

 “Epiphany” means manifestation.  And the “Epiphany of the Lord” is Jesus’ manifestation not only to these three Magi from the East, but it’s also a symbolic but real manifestation of the Christ to the whole world.  These Magi, traveling from a foreign and non-Jewish nation, reveal that Jesus came for all people and all are called to adore Him.

 These Magi were “wise men” who studied the stars and were aware of the Jewish belief that a Messiah was coming.  They would have been versed in much of the wisdom of the day and would have been intrigued by the Jewish belief in the Messiah.

 God used what they were familiar with to call them to adore the Christ.  He used a star.  They understood the stars and when they saw this new and unique star over Bethlehem they realized that something special was happening.  So the first lesson we take from this for our own lives is that God will use what is familiar to us to call us to Himself.  Look for the “star” that God is using to call you.  It’s closer than you may think.

 A second thing to note is that the Magi fell prostrate before the Christ Child.  They laid their lives down before Him in complete surrender and adoration.  They set a perfect example for us.  If these astrologers from a foreign land could come and adore Christ in such a profound way, we must do the same.  Perhaps you could try literally lying down prostrate in prayer this day, in imitation of the Magi, or at least do so in your heart through prayer.  Adore Him with a complete surrender of your life.

 Lastly, the Magi bring gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  These three gifts, presented to our Lord, show that they acknowledged this Child as the Divine King who would die to save us from sin.  Gold is for a King, frankincense is a burnt offering to God, and myrrh is used for one who would die.  Thus, their adoration is grounded in the truths of who this Child is.  If we are to adore Christ properly, we must also honor Him in this threefold way.

 Reflect, today, upon these Magi and see them as a symbol of what you are called to do.  You are called from the foreign place of this world to seek out the Messiah.  What is God using to call you to Himself?  When you discover Him, do not hesitate to acknowledge the full truth of who He is, lying prostrate before Him in complete and humble submission.


Sunday School resumes today. Sunday School is held next door in the Anchorage prior to Mass at 9:30 am. Families are invited to bring your young ones for a fun-filled and spiritual encounter with scripture, suitable for the children.

Adult Bible Study also resumes today after Mass, also in the Anchorage. We invite you to grow in faith with us in the New Year through weekly Bible Study!


The Pastoral Council meets tomorrow Monday, January 7 in the Anchorage at 6:30 pm. All members are encouraged to attend.


The Sista Circle meets this Tuesday, January 8, 6 pm in the Anchorage.


Bishop Madden’s next Prayer Walk is scheduled for Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 21, at St. Bernardine, beginning at noon.   We will gather in the church.

 Please note that this walk will be during the day at a different time than usual because of the national holiday.  There will be a lite meal and fellowship after the walk in Harcum Hall.

 Parish phone number: 410-362-8664.  Parish address: 3812 Edmondson Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21229.


A special thanks to all who gave so generously to our Advent Giving Tree Project as we assist the School Sisters of Notre Dame in reaching their goal of 100 water catchment systems for families in Haiti. So far, through your generosity, we have been able to raise $678. Each water catchment system will cost approximately $350 each per household and enable a household to utilize rainwater for their home and garden use, as well as enable the garden to flourish as a source of food and income.


Donations can still be made through today and designated envelopes are located in a basket next to the Giving Tree or are available from the ushers.  All checks should be written to St. Ann Catholic Church, with “Water for Haiti” on the memo line. May God bless you for your generosity during this Christmas season and into the New Year. 


The 22nd Annual Mother Mary Lange Awards Banquet will be held on Friday, February 8, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Martin’s West. The event is sponsored by the Office of Black Catholics to honor members of our Black Catholic parishes for leadership, service and youth activity. We take great pride in announcing this year’s awardees from St. Ann’s:

Leadership Award:  Dorothy Horton-Brown

Service Award: Rachel Carrenard


End-of-year contribution statement for tax purposes are currently being mailed out. Please contact the church office via phone (410-235-8169) or email ( for questions regarding your statement.


Please also continue to pray for all of our sick and homebound, especially Florence Barber, James Butts, Augustine Christian, Elaine Cousin, Elaine Edmonds, Gregory Epps, John Frederick, Pat Haley, Rita Hardy, Odessa Johnson, Tom Lutz, Josephine McCoy, Penny Palmer, Bernadette Wallace, Nelson Outlaw, Jeannette Rice, Rita Watkins, and Harry Wheeler and ask that God grant them strength, comfort and healing.

JANUARY 2019              


Sun., Jan.6         The Feast of the Epiphany of  The Lord

                            11 am Mass

                             Sunday School 9:30 am

                            2nd Floor Youth Room


                            Adult Bible Study after Mass



Mon., Jan.7        Pastoral Council Meeting

                            6:30 pm, Anchorage


Tues., Jan.8        Sista Circle Meeting

                            6:00 pm Anchorage


Thurs., Jan.10  Evening Mass (confession  before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm


Sun., Jan.13       Feast of the Baptism of The  Lord

                            11 am Mass

                             Sunday School 9:30 am

                            2nd Floor Youth Room


                            Adult Bible Study after Mass



Tues., Jan.15   Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday


Thurs., Jan.17 Evening Mass (confession  before/after) Bible Study 7-9 pm


1st Reading                                   Isaiah 40:1-5, 9-11           

2nd Reading                                Titus 2:11-14; 3:4-7

Gospel                                        Luke 3:15-16, 21-22

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