Feast of the Ascension of the Lord - June 2, 2019


 Ascension of Our Lord

 So then the Lord Jesus, after he spoke to them, was taken up into heaven and took his seat at the right hand of God. But they went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs. Mark 16:19-20

 Jesus completes His mission on Earth and ascends into Heaven to take His seat on His glorious throne for all eternity.  Or does He?  The answer is yes and no. Yes, He does take His seat on His glorious throne, but no, He does not complete His mission on Earth. The Ascension is both the end and the beginning.  It’s a transition to the next phase in the perfect plan of the Father.  And understanding the way this plan unfolds should leave us in wonder and awe.

 Sure, the Apostles were probably somewhat frightened and confused.  Jesus was with them, then He died, then He rose and appeared various times, and then He ascended to the Father before their eyes.  But He also told them that it is good that He goes.  In fact, He said that it’s better that He goes.  They must have been confused.  Jesus also told them His Advocate would come to lead them into all Truth.  So the Apostles went from joy, to fear, to relief and more joy, to confusion and sorrow, to curiosity and uncertainty. 

 Sound familiar?  Perhaps that’s the way some find their lives to be.  Ups and downs, twists and turns, joys and sorrows.  Each phase reveals something new, something challenging, something glorious or something sorrowful.  The good news is that the Father’s plan is unfolding perfectly.

 The part of the perfect plan we find ourselves in with this solemnity is the part where Jesus begins to direct His mission of establishing the Kingdom of God from Heaven.  His throne is, in a sense, the driver’s seat of our lives.  From Heaven, Jesus suddenly begins to descend continuously into our lives fulfilling His mission in and through the Apostles, as well as all of us.  The Ascension does not mean Jesus is gone; rather, it means Jesus is now present to each and every person who turns to Him and surrenders their life to His mission.  From Heaven, Jesus is able to be present to all.  He is able to live in us and invites us to live in Him.  It’s the new beginning of the Church.  Now all the Apostles need to do is wait for the Holy Spirit to descend. 

 Reflect, today, upon the abiding and intimate presence of our Lord in your life.  Know that Jesus invites you to share in His mission.  From His glorious throne He wants us to “preach everywhere.”  He wants to invite each one of us to do our part.  The part of the Father’s plan entrusted to each one of us is not entrusted to another.  We all have a share in that plan.  What is your part?  How does Jesus direct His mission through you?  Ponder this question today and know that He accompanies you as you say “Yes” to your part in the glorious unfolding of His perfect plan.



The Sista Circle meeting has been moved to tomorrow, Monday, May 3, 6 pm in the Anchorage.

 All members are encouraged to attend.


The Pastoral Council meets next Tuesday, June 4 6:30 pm in the Anchorage for their final meeting before they break for the summer.

 All members are encouraged to attend.


As we prepare to celebrate for the Feast of Pentecost, the birth of the Church, next Sunday, June 9, we invite you to wear something red to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.


The last day for Sunday School for the 2018-2019 school year will be next Sunday, June 9. A special thank you to all of our Sunday School staff and parents who take part in the religious education of our youth.


The annual Senior Appreciation Luncheon for the Pastorate for members 65 and older will take place in at St. Francis Xavier Church Hall on Saturday, June 15, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. The event is hosted by the St. Wenceslaus Sunday School staff and students and includes lunch, gifts, and entertainment. Please sign the list in the back of the church if you are interested in attending.


We will be honoring all of our 2019 graduates during our annual Graduation Sunday Mass on June 23. Please sign the list in the back of the church if you or a member of your immediate family is graduating from school (Pre-K through postgraduate) this year and will be here to celebrate with us on Sunday, June 23.


Let’s celebrate the conclusion of the Honest Conversations on Immigration with a potluck for parishioners of St. Michael the Archangel, Church of the Annunciation, St. Clement and St. Ann, Sunday, June 9, 5:00 – 7:00pm at the Church of the Annunciation 5212 McCormick Ave. Bring a dish that represents your culture and accompanying information about your homeland (flag, photos, map, etc.). Room temperature dishes are preferred. Engage in friendly dialogue about immigration with people of different parishes and cultures. RSVP to Felipe Filomeno at 410-300-7034 by 6/2 or add your name to a signup sheet at your parish.


Come join the KPC Ladies Auxiliary St. Ann’s Court for A Trip to Delaware Park Saturday, June 15, 2019. Donations are $35 per person, Rebate: $30. The Bus departs from St. Ann’s Church at 3:00 pm and returns at 11:30 pm. For tickets and inquiries see:

Dorothy Horton-Brown – 443-621-0846

Barbara Mason – 410-889-9377

Cynthia Johnson – 443-854-8094


The Baltimore Orioles will host the children and youth of St. Ann, St. Wenceslaus, and St. Francis Xavier parishes at a game against the Boston Red Sox at Camden Yards on Saturday, July 20th at 7:05 pm. The Orioles will provide 3 buses and all 3 buses will be at St. Wenceslaus at 5:30 pm on that evening and depart at 5:45pm. They will also provide participants with a hot dog, drink, bag of chips and Oriole gear to wear at the game. Please use the sign-up sheet in the back of church if you would like your child to attend. THE FORM MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE!! The deadline for Sign-up is Sunday, July 7!


Roberta’s House will hold its 3rd Annual Crab Feast on Sunday, July 21 from 3pm – 8 pm at the Patapsco Arena, 3301 Annapolis Rd. 21230. There will be Door Prizes, 50/50 Raffle and other vendors to visit on site. Music will be provided by DJ Sneek. St. Ann’s has purchased a table and tickets are $70 per person. Please contact the church office (410-235-8169) if you would like to attend or can visit www.RobertasHouse.org. Tickets are limited.


Please also continue to pray for all of our sick and homebound, especially Msgr. Lloyd Aiken (Sacred Heart Glyndon), Cornelia Bailey, Florence Barber, James Butts, Elaine Cousin, Elaine Edmonds, Gregory Epps, John Frederick, Pat Haley, Rita Hardy, Tom Lutz, Nelson Outlaw, Penny Palmer, Bernadette, Wallace, Sharon Johnson-Stewart Wallace, Rita Watkins and ask that God grant them strength, comfort and healing.

JUNE 2019            

 Sun., June 2     Ascension of the Lord   11 am Mass, St. Ann

                            Sunday School 9:30 am

                           2nd Floor Youth Room

                            No Adult Bible Study after Mass

 Mon., June 3     Sista Circle Meeting

                           Anchorage, 6:00 pm

 Tues., June 4     Pastoral Council Meeting

                           Anchorage, 6:30 pm

 Thurs., June 6  Evening Mass, 7pm

                           Bible Study after Mass,   Anchorage Chapel

 Sun., June 9      7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

                            11 am Mass, St. Ann

                             Youth Altar Server Training

                             9:30 am, in the Sanctuary



1st Reading                                               Acts 2:1-11           

2nd Reading                  1 Corinthians 12:3b-7, 12-13

Gospel                                                  John 20:19-23

Saint Anns